Taxi Insurance Experts

Role: Creative Director and Head Developer
Technology: HTML5, .LESS, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap

Taxi Insurance Experts is actually a subsidy of the Chicago-based GEM Insurance Group. Their role in the company is that of insurance for livery services such as taxis, limousines, and now rideshare drivers. They had a website, but the branding message more spoke to passengers as opposed to owner/operators and fleet managers.  Plus the Wordpress back-end system confused my client.

My approach to this project was to first establish a real branding for Taxi Insurance Experts, as well as tie it back to its parent company (GEM). I wanted to clearly show the connection as a means to help drive potential new customers for non-livery insurance. The color choices mainly were borrowed from those of taxis, but the imagery was highly important. I didn't want images of businessmen hopping out of cabs, but more individual imagery that spoke to each aspect of the market.  The copy was also fully rewritten to further speak to those individual customers, all powered by a custom-built easy-to-use CMS.

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