Role: Creative Director and Head Developer
Technology: HTML5, .LESS, CSS3, Bootstrap, and Drupal

The D-Jam site has always been a place where I’m able to fully flex my brain in terms of design and development with little restraint. I generally like to use the site as a display of my capabilities.

The most recent design of the site was responsive with a “mobile first” approach to both layout and interactivity. I didn’t just want the design to fold down for smaller screens, but for items and areas to be more easily clickable by fingers.

In terms of the design itself, I wanted to maintain the bold colors and contrast popular to music/entertainment websites, but not sacrifice legibility in the process. The simple color scheme of red, black, and white allows for more colorful elements like album art to shine through and thus draw the eye to the content.

The back-end is powered by Drupal, utilizing a custom-designed theme built with Bootstrap and much PHP customization to make content appear exactly as intended. The music player itself was not an available Drupal module, so I installed it on its own without creating any conflicts with the Drupal core.

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